Computer Eye Strain

How to prevent

We all like spend all day long and sometimes night working at a computer.

Can long time before a computer monitor affect your vision?

Yes it can !

A good modern LCD/TFT computer screen itself has been proven to do no damage to the human eye, even with long usage. People start to develop eye strain from glares coming off of the monitor, and forgetting to blink while using the computer.

You are constantly focused at the same distance and location and you do not blink enough, allowing your eyes to dry out. Take a break once in a while, look at things that are further away and blink more. It will help you avoid these effects.

Researchers concluded that irritated eyes can be caused of not blinking, since your eyes are too much concentrating.

But you must take regular breaks from the computer, relax eyes and do some exercises. Computer Eye Strain Care software can help you ! It reminds to take regular breaks, close and relief your eyes and do some exercises to reduce computer eye strain.

Yes, it works !

Computer Eye Strain and Related Pain